A Baltimore Colt spokesman yesterday discounted reports that Curtis Dickey wants to be traded and that the running back is concerned about racial conflict on the team.

During an interview with a Baltimore television station Thursday, Dickey said, "Yes, I would," in response to a question about whether he wanted a trade.

When asked whether he thought his dispute with quarterback Bert Jones is racially based, Dickey said, "It probably is, and in a lot of ways it always has been."

Jones denied that the disagreement has racial overtones. The dispute between Dickey and Jones intensified after Jones scolded Dickey on the field during a 41-14 loss to the New York Jets Sunday. Jones said Tuesday that he felt accounts of the incident have been exaggerated.

Colts' spokesman Walt Gutowski said yesterday that Dickey has not asked to be traded. Gutowski added, "The questions (in the interview) were asked in such a way as to include the answers. But now I think the problems have pretty much been resolved and this is behind us. Both Bert and Curtis left (the Colts' training complex in Owings Mills) in good spirits today."

"It's (racial problems) probably been around all along," Dickey had said in an interview published yesterday in the Baltimore Sun.

"I'm not the only one that's been in this kind of situation," Dickey said.

The Sun said former Colt receivers Raymond Chester, Glenn Doughty and Freddie Scott all experienced problems with Jones. Dickey and all three former Colt players are black.