Jack Kent Cooke, the Redskins owner, said yesterday he might build a domed stadium between Washington and Baltimore for football and baseball.

"I am thinking of it," Cooke said.

The stadium would be a Meadowlands-like complex on 600 acres near Laurel Race Course, sources said. Cooke declined comment on the site.

Although the Redskins have a lease with RFK Stadium until 1990, sources said the stadium would be the football team's home. The Orioles' lease will expire in June, and the Colts' lease will expire this month.

Recent news reports have suggested that Cooke is a potential buyer of the financially troubled Laurel Race Course. Cooke firmly denies wanting the track itself, but confirmed yesterday that his interest lies in land nearby that could be used as a site for a domed stadium.

Edward Bennett Williams, the Orioles owner and Cooke's longtime minority partner in the Redskins, said, "I can't make any comment on that. I don't know of any firm plans."

Last April, Cooke said he had been approached by two "responsible, reputable" groups with proposals to build a domed stadium.

The proposals called for stadiums seating 70,000 or 74,000 near I-95 or in the Bowie area. "A domed stadium is a very attractive idea," Cooke said then, " . . . and there has been an awful lot of talk."

The two groups, Cooke said, wanted commitments from the Redskins, Orioles and Colts before proceeding.