Maryland Athletic Director Dick Dull said yesterday his telephone "has been ringing off the hook" with people interested in applying for the job of head football coach, which Jerry Claiborne left vacant Wednesday by leaving for Kentucky.

Dull declined to name any of the callers, or any of the candidates on the list he is composing.

When asked if he could give a composite of the interested persons, Dull said, "It's impossible to come up with a composite. They are incredibly wide-ranging. Some are head coaches in college, some are college assistants and some are professional assistants. We've even had some high school coaches call and say that they're ready for the challenge. They range in age from about 25 to the upper 50s. I haven't done anything the last two days but talk to people about this coaching job."

Dull also said Claiborne will meet with his assistants, possibly on Monday. There had been some speculation that Claiborne already had hired several assistants to accompany him to Kentucky. But Dull said that all the assistants currently are working for Maryland and that he had extended their contracts through Feb. 20.

At the Naval Academy, Athletic Director Bo Coppedge said he is just beginning to formulate a list of candidates he would like to interview for the coaching job left vacant by George Welsh's departure to Virginia, also on Wednesday.

Coppedge declined to list any names. When asked specifically if he would be interested in talking to Pete McCulley, a former Navy assistant now the receivers coach of the New York Jets, Coppedge said, "he's one of the guys we'll talk to, but there are a lot of people we'll be talking to."