The Chicago Bears have scheduled a news conference Saturday amid speculation that George Halas, the team's owner, will fire Coach Neill Armstrong.

Armstrong, 55, led the Bears to a 6-10 season. The Bears were the preseason favorites to win the NFC Central Division.

He replaced Jack Pardee Feb. 16, 1978, after serving seven years as Minnesota Vikings' defensive coordinator.

The New York Giants' hopes for a playoff victory Sunday over the Philadelphia Eagles depend on whether quarterback Scott Brunner can make "six or seven big plays," Coach Ray Perkins said.

Perkins said there's little reason to doubt that the defense will continue its strong performance and that running back Rob Carpenter will again be the Giants' most dependable rusher. The only uncertainties, he conceded, are Brunner and the Giant receivers, who have been inconsistent.

Brunner stepped in five weeks ago when starter Phil Simms suffered a separated shoulder. Perkins said he will decide Friday afternoon whether to reactivate Simms, but that either way, Brunner will start.

In Buffalo, as the Bills prepare for Sunday's playoff game against the New York Jets in Shea Stadium, Coach Chuck Knox said he is thinking about starting Jon Borchardt at right guard instead of Conrad Dobler. Knox said Dobler has an ankle injury but added, "If he's all right, he'll play."

If Borchardt gets the assignment he will be going against Abdul Salaam, one of the defensemen who helped the Jets lead the league this season in quarterback sacks.

"I've only seen him once," Borchardt said of Salaam. "I don't know too much about him."

Both Knox and Jets' Coach Walt Michaels agree that playoff experience probably will not be a major factor in the game.

Meanwhile, the league announced the official order of selection for the draft. Positions may change, depending on the outcome of playoff games. The Redskins would have had the No. 15 pick, but they traded it to Los Angeles, the only team to have two first-round choices.

The New Orleans Saints would have picked third, but they were assessed that pick for signing quarterback David Wilson.

Mike Nelms, the Redskin kick returner, and two rookies--linebacker Lawrence Taylor of the New York Giants and cornerback Ronnie Lott of the 49ers--were named to the Pro Football Writers of America all-NFL team.

Running back George Rogers of the Saints was named rookie of the year in the nationwide balloting but he failed to beat out Tony Dorsett of Dallas and Billy Sims of Detroit for a berth on the team.