Bart Starr, with a 39-65-2 record for seven years, no playoff appearances, but a 6-2 stretch drive in 1981, has been renewed as coach of the Green Bay Packers for two more NFL seasons.

Judge Robert Parins, Packers' chief executive officer, announced yesterday that Starr will get more time to restore the team to a semblance of its 1960s glory years when Vince Lombardi was coach and Starr was quarterback.

Said Parins after the club's seven-member executive committee, as he put it, carefully weighed past failures along with recent successes of Starr's regime: "We believe that reasonable success is foreseeable with our present head coach and probably an addition to the staff (on which he would not elaborate) . . . A change in the head coach and staff could well place us in a position of a tolerated 'no win' for a number of years on the oft-announced premise that a new head coach must have time to put in his own program.

"We are confident that after the dust of this controversy has settled, our action will be remembered . . . for this committee having done that which is right for the Packers at this time and place in its history."

Said Starr: "I think anyone ideally would like a longer contract, but we feel it's plenty of time . . . We've come to a point where we're very confident about where we stand as a team."