The possibility of a merger between the Washington Capitals and Colorado Rockies, with the combined team based at Capital Centre, has been discussed, but it seems unlikely to reach fruition.

"I would consider it far, far out," said Washington team owner Abe Pollin. "It probably is not going to happen."

Peter Gilbert, the Rockies' owner, broached the matter when the Rockies visited Washington in November. Later, the National Hockey League established a committee to examine the Rockies' shaky situation and a merger was one of many alternatives presented to that group.

"It was one of many, many options," said NHL President John Ziegler. "The idea was to take the sensible as well as the far out. At the moment there is no serious pursuit of that option, but of course that doesn't mean there won't be at some time in the future."

Colorado, then the Kansas City Scouts, and Washington both entered the NHL in 1974 and for many reasons, notably the underage draft, have been unable to climb to a competitive position.

Gordon and George Gund, before they merged their Cleveland team with Minnesota in 1978, invited Pollin to discuss a Cleveland-Washington combination. Pollin declined.

There is no evidence that Pollin has altered his position. However, the Capitals have lost considerable money in the interim, they seem likely to miss the Stanley Cup playoffs for the eighth straight year and Pollin recently has become involved in cable television, a field in which Gilbert has substantial interests.