Don Sterling, owner of the San Diego Clippers, plans to appeal the $10,000 fine he received Friday for the remarks he made about his team possibly finishing with the worst record in the NBA this year and thus gaining the top draft pick.

"I'm going to appeal the decision," Sterling said upon learning of the fine levied by Commissioner Larry O'Brien. "I will submit evidence that will result in reversing the decision. I will present it to him (O'Brien) at the end of the month in New York."

O'Brien said that Sterling's remarks, made at a luncheon Thursday, were deemed "conduct prejudicial and detrimental to the NBA."

O'Brien also warned Sterling that his future actions would be closely watched by the league.

"I really feel badly," said Sterling. "The NBA wants to avoid anything that in any way would endanger the integrity of the league and I respect them for that. I would never knowingly do anything that would lower the esteem of the league or any franchise. If I was misunderstood, I'm sorry. I guess I'm a rookie coach. After a little experience it won't happen again."

Sterling said that his remarks were misconstrued.

"I'm sorry to say, I just don't understand it," he said. "But I think first of all, I respect the NBA. I'm disappointed that they misunderstood me. We want to win. We want to improve our team. I certainly wouldn't tolerate a team to lose."