Reggie Jackson, the unsigned Yankee free agent, met with Edward Bennett Williams, the owner of the Baltimore Orioles, and Hank Peters, the general manager, Tuesday night in Washington.

Peters said the meeting, which took place at the Jefferson Hotel, lasted three to four hours. It was the first face-to-face meeting between Jackson and the Orioles.

"We talked in some general areas," Peters said. "We didn't get down to specifics. We've given him some things to think about, certainly some things that will help him decide which way he wants to go. Nothing was spelled out in detail."

Peters said no further meetings were scheduled, but that he would be in touch with Jackson's agent, Gary Walker, by telephone. Walker did not attend the meeting, though Matt Merola, one of Jackson's advisers, was present.

Asked if that was an indication that the meeting was preliminary, Peters said, "That's right, it is. I don't think Reggie is ready to make up his mind. He'll probably try to narrow it down a little more than now. He's obviously going to talk to the others. He hasn't excluded anyone."

Jackson reportedly is still talking with the Yankees, the California Angels and the Atlanta Braves. Peters said Jackson gave no indication how long his decision-making process would go on.

The Angels hope to learn of their chances by the weekend, Buzzie Bavasi, the team's executive vice president, said yesterday.