The Great Reggie Hunt has moved west. Reggie Jackson, the unsigned New York Yankee free agent, will meet today in Palm Springs, Calif., with Gene Autry, owner of the California Angels, and Buzzie Bavasi, the team's executive vice president and general manager.

"We'll probably make him some kind of offer," Bavasi said. "We've never made him an offer before."

Bavasi said the offer would include "an incentive clause based on attendance. If we get rich, he'll get rich. "I don't think he's asking for the kind of money people think he is asking."

Bavasi said he did not think Jackson would receive $1 million a year, even for a short-term contract. "I can speak only for us," he said. "I don't think we would (give him that).

"I think Baltimore wants him badly. I don't think anybody will give him five years. We're thinking more in terms of two years."

Hank Peters, the Orioles' general manager, said he would speak with Jackson's agent, Gary Walker, some time after the meeting with the Angels.

Jackson met with Peters and Edward Bennett Williams, owner of the Orioles, in Washington Tuesday.

Matt Merola, one of Jackson's advisers, who was present at that meeting, said, "They did discuss figures. Gary Walker is supposed to get back with Peters. It was a sincere attempt to sign him. Whether it was concrete, or final, I don't know . . . They discussed specifics, if that's a concrete offer. It was not a take it or leave it thing. They established parameters."

A spokesman for George Steinbrenner said that the owner of the Yankees and Walker have been speaking regularly. "Walker told him that after they met with the others they would sit down with George," the spokesman said.