Wide receiver Freddie Solomon will start in Sunday's Super Bowl, according to the San Francisco 49ers, who upgraded his status for the game from questionable to probable today.

Solomon sprained his left knee during a collision in practice Thursday. According to Coach Bill Walsh, Solomon was much improved today during a light workout at the Silverdome, the site of the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, with kickoff just two days away, Walsh wondered outloud this morning whether too much time is devoted to praising the winner and criticizing the loser of this annual NFL title game.

Walsh, who is coaching in this game for the first time, said three factors are responsible for the current Super Bowl atmosphere: the league itself, the television networks and the press coverage.

"Look at Minnesota," he said. "Basically they were outmanned in each case when they reached the Super Bowl. They had outcoached their opposition to get there and then they were termed by many people with the label of losers.

"I'm not saying we should have the old gentleman's handshake and declare no winner. But I do think we tend to demonstrate negative feelings about a team that has played so well, so beautifully and then lost in the championship bout.

"I don't think we even see in boxing, a brutal sport, just this one thing."