Super Bowl organizers were encouraged today by weather reports that indicated the Detroit metropolitan area would not receive any substantial snowfall Sunday.

With the game being played inside the Silverdome, inclement weather would not affect the players. But it potentially would be disrupting to the thousands of fans planning to travel to this suburban city.

Just in case, agencies in southeast Michigan have developed a snow removal plan, including making 102 pieces of snow removal equipment available, along with 500 tons of stockpiled salt.

The latest forecast projected game time temperatures in the high teens with occasional snow flurries and light winds. The Detroit area has been plagued the last two nights with low temperatures and icy roads. Some main arteries were closed.

"There is not a jot of truth in that report," said Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke, laughing, when asked about a wire service story that reported Cooke offered $2.5 million for the No. 1 pick in next spring's NFL draft. William Sullivan, whose New England Patriots have that pick, said he had rejected an offer, but did not specify the amount nor the bidder.

Most of the San Francisco 49ers attended a Diana Ross concert Friday night in downtown Detroit with the blessing of Coach Bill Walsh . . . There are so many chartered private jets scheduled to fly in Sunday morning that one runway at the Detroit airport has been blocked off to handle the extra traffic . . . The annual Super Bowl party Friday night cost the league about $250,000 . . . Pat Haggerty, considered one of the two best referees in the league, will head the officiating crew for the game. Each member of the seven-man crew receives $3,000. Haggerty says it should be triple that--half a winning player's share. To prepare for work, the officials have been running every day this past week. . . Larry Brown, the former Redskin star, will attend as a guest of Vice President George Bush . . . The teams ended preparation with light workouts today. Now that 49er receiver Freddie Solomon's knee reportedly is fine, all players are healthy, including 49er running back Ricky Patton, who missed the NFC championship game with a sore knee.