Soviet boxers won eight of 12 bouts to defeat the U.S. National team, 20-16, in a dual match at the Lenin Sports Palace. The older and more experienced Soviets won their 13th match against the Americans in a series going back more than a decade, showing strength in all the weight classes. American boxers Clifford Gray, 125 pounds; Vincent Webb, 139 pounds, and Alfred Mayes, 156 pounds, upset their Soviet rivals, who are the reigning European champions. Super heavyweight Warren Thompson was awarded a controversial victory over Valery Abadzhyan, the 1981 World Cup champion, despite taking counts in the second and third rounds . . .In Lansing, Mich., Jill Lafler's bid to become Michigan's first female Golden Gloves fighter is headed for federal court with a hearing scheduled just two days before the end of the local tournament. The case, originally filed in Ingham County Circuit Court, was moved to U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids at the request of the local sponsors of the Golden Gloves tournament, because federal as well as state issues were involved. They said they are only trying to protect the woman's safety, not deny her rights. District Judge Wendell Miles has set a hearing for Feb. 8. Lafler, a 19-year-old Lansing Community College student who got started in boxing as an exercise for relieving tension, says she wants to fight in the Golden Gloves tournament because there is no other serious competition available to her.