The latest college basketball flap, Florida State's, has been taken to a national forum even as FSU probes allegations of James Bozeman and Pernell Tookes, who quit the 1981-82 varsity.

Bozeman visited New York yesterday and detailed his accusations of drug misuse, financial irregularities and academic infractions at a news conference also addressed by Dr. Cary Goodman, head of the almost new Center for Athletes' Rights and Education and its allied group, Sports for the People.

"I've been injured and given drugs so I could play--Novocain and cortisone," reiterated Bozeman, a senior in sociology. "I've been given money. The important thing is that it doesn't happen again."

Bozeman, bitter over being forced, he said, to play in December on a badly injured ankle, and detailing how he said FSU helped athletes cheat on exams, said, "It's not just Florida State. It's everywhere."

Pregame at the Florida Four tournament, Bozeman elaborated, trainers injected cortisone in his ankle, then during the game tried to numb it with Freon. "I've never fouled out of a game," he said, "but you look at the films. I fouled out in about five minutes of the second half. I had to. My ankle hurt. I finally got fed up."

Goodman, for his part, calls for an NCAA trust fund for athletes, out of TV revenues, and for President Reagan and federal agencies to look into "rampant drug abuse in sports."