July 19, 1982, RFK Stadium: baseball, and you might even recognize the players. One, we're advised, will be Henry Aaron.

Last major league exhibition nine or 10 years past, the pastime's tentative return is just a one-day stand, matching American and National League old-timers. Bob Sigholtz, stadium manager, says promoter Dick Cecil of Atlanta will be out shortly with details . . .

Hold that yawn:

Jose Sulaiman, World Boxing Council president, detained by Mexico City police on preliminary charges of trying to smuggle highly valued (if proven authentic) pre-Columbian artifacts to U.S. and European black markets. Sulaiman maintained he was, legally, "conserving the pieces because I am enamored of my people, my culture and my ancestors" . . .

Today is college football recruiters' awaited day, open season on national signings. And Ohio State's Earle Bruce says new NCAA rule "is going to prolong the lives of head football coaches." Barred now from personally signing recruits, instead of trying to be nine places at once, as last year, "I'm going to stay right here and listen to what comes in" from staff . . .

Towson State enters East Coast Conference, AU's league, as of fall, West Chester State dropping out to go Division II . . . Sam Bowie won't play Kentucky baskets until 1982-83, may or may not in '83-84. The 7-foot-1 junior isn't well healed yet from preseason hairline leg fracture, so will redshirt, "look forward to the two full years (of eligibility) I have left"--but can't guarantee Coach Joe B. Hall he won't turn pro in '83 . . . and Florida State, Florida State.

Pernell Tookes, senior who quit Coach Joe Williams' varsity in December a few days after teammate James Bozeman, told the FSU panel investigating Bozeman's allegations of medical mistreatment, etc. that he, Tookes, received incompetent care for a preseason knee injury and now (doffing a knee brace): "All I want is my leg fixed." Tookes also said Williams told him to lie about his injury and arranged for him to pick up a "going-away" gift, a suit of clothes, when it became apparent he could not play any more . . ." Dr. Tom Haney, team orthopedist, said Tookes received best of treatment for months, "knows we are ready, willing and able to take care of his knee." Williams said he never sent Tookes to get a free suit, only told him a Tallahassee clothier wanted to see him, for what reason Williams attested he didn't know.

Mark Murphy, Redskin strong safety, tackles tough issues: NFL Players Association voted Murphy, Washington's player rep, to its executive committee for the crucial upcoming owner-player bargaining . . . Did Joe Theismann see where St. Louis signed Jim Hart for $300,000 just to back up Neil Lomax in '82? . . . Can Bud Carson, moving after four L.A. Ram seasons as defensive coordinator to ditto for Frank Kush's Colts, do it as he did when he honchoed Pittsburgh's Super Steel Curtain?

A federal judge has overruled the county judge and barred Michigan's would-be first Golden Gloves female boxer from competing in the tournament that ends tonight. How now, flyweight Jill Lafler?

A. World Series '81 film shows only one of Davey Lopes' six errors . . . Q. After NHL stars, NNHL All-Star Game. ???