Robert F. Kennedy Stadium in Washington, D.C., could be the site of Sugar Ray Leonard's next major defense of his world welterweight championship.

That's a dream that could become a reality, according to Mike Trainer, Leonard's attorney and financial adviser.

"I've always dreamed of Ray fighting before a full house at RFK and I think I know a way to do it," Trainer said. "Maybe we could do it as early as this fall.

"What I'd like to do is create a 'happening,' " the attorney continued. "I don't like preliminaries, I never have. They're a waste of time. What I'd like to do is get a rock group like Earth, Wind and Fire and have them play like from 8 o'clock to 10, then have the fight.

"Some people would come to see the concert and stay for the fight and the fight fans probably would come early and watch the concert.

"We could set up the infield for VIPs, you know, invitation only, for a big price. That would be your ringside seats and it would appeal to the politicans and society people.

"After getting big money for that, we could charge, say, $20 for the seats in the stadium and fill the place. Think of all the people in the Washington area who never have had a chance to see Ray fight."

Trainer also confirmed that Leonard's next fight, expected to be against Roger Stafford, a welterweight from Philadelphia, probably will be held at the Meadowlands in May or June.

"I'd like to have Ray fight near New York City, he's never fought there," Trainer said. "I like the Meadowlands. Whether they can afford it or not, I don't know."

Alexis Arguello, WBC lightweight champion, has been mentioned as Leonard's opponent after Stafford, but Trainer suggested another possibility.

"We're taking a long look at Milton McCrory, the kid out of Detroit," the attorney said. McCrory has an 18-0 record and in March will meet Pete Ranzany, whom Leonard knocked out in the fourth round on Aug. 12, 1979.