Lefty Driesell has been known for years as one of college basketball's great recruiters, a man who will do anything necessary to get a player. Now, the Maryland coach says the NCAA should find a way to stop recruiting altogether.

"They ought to put in a rule that no coach is allowed off campus to recruit at all," Driesell said.

"With all the recruiting magazines and scouting reports that everybody gets these days, you can make all the decisions you have to. Everybody says they have to go out and evaluate talent. That's a bunch of bull. Half the time you mess up anyway, even if you see the guy play 100 times.

"Let the kids make the decisions on where they want to play. You see a kid you like on a scouting report, you write him and invite him to campus. You get to know him that way, see what kind of a kid he is, then decide if you want to offer him a scholarship. After that, it's their decision.

"When I think of the money and time I've wasted recruiting over the years, I get sick. There you are at a game. You know the kid can play, or can't play. But you're there. You can't talk to him, but you're there. It's stupid, the whole thing is stupid."

As a young coach at Davidson, Driesell was known as a man who would go anytime, anywhere to look at a prospect. Did he enjoy it more then?

"No, I never enjoyed it. I always hated it. In fact, if I had known I'd be doing it this long, I probably never would have gotten into it. I don't think I'd advise a guy to get into coaching nowadays. All you do is recruit, recruit, recruit. If you don't, you get your butt whipped.

"Either way, it ain't no fun."