Pete Rose and the Philadelphia Phillies' new owners are taking aim--in tandem--on Ty Cobb's hallowed hit record, with a "career" contract in the works ensuring that Rose will be with the club all through the hunt.

Rose, with 3,697 hits, needs 495 to pass Cobb's 4,191. Rose and Bill Giles, Phillies' president, have reached "basic agreement in philosophy," says Giles, "to have a perpetual year-to-year contract as long as we feel he can play for us . . . It's now a matter of coming to terms on the dollars involved."

Rose turns 41 on April 14. He is entering the final year of the four-year, $3.2-million contract he signed Dec. 5, 1978, after all those years in Cincinnati. The club holds an extender option for 1983, but, "What's important to us," Giles said after drawing up with Rose's agent the blueprint for the new deal expected to be sealed by March 10, "is that 1984 will be the year he will set the all-time record if he's still capable of playing."

Giles said a new contract would begin with this season. Figure Rose, then, for about $1 million a year, plus a percentage of revenue from souvenirs and other fringe benefits related to his record chase. * * * *

Gaylord Perry, the Williamston, N.C., farmer vowing at age 43 he can win 12 to 15 games in the majors this year, reports nibbles from "about four" clubs interested in suiting him up to go, at least, after victories No. 298, 299, 300. * * * *

The New York Rangers put up yesterday a nonrefundable $150,000 to the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority for right of first refusal on hockey use of the Meadowlands complex in East Rutherford, and agreed to declare by April 22 if they plan to move their NHL operations there from Madison Square Garden.

The Rangers (actually, parent Madison Square Garden Corp.) and the authority signed an agreement providing that, if the club does opt for the eight-mile move from Manhattan, terms of a 30-year lease previously agreed upon go into effect; if the club decides not to move--and the City of New York has until the April 22 deadline (60 days before league meeting) to work out problems concerning the Garden's beefs over real estate taxes, etc.--MSG will not exercise its territorial right and stand in the way of another franchise moving into the Meadowlands.

Jersey isn't yet guaranteed a team. NHL expansion or relocation requires approval by all clubs, and the Philadelphia Flyers have indicated they would veto introduction of any new team to the New York metropolitan area--be it the desperate Colorado Rockies or whoever.