In Los Angeles, a U.S. District Court judge has denied a request to delay the start of the second Oakland Raiders-National Football League trial. Judge Harry Pregerson, turning down a defense attorney's motion, said he had already set aside time for the trial, scheduled to begin March 15.

The case went to trial last year and was declared a mistrial when the jury deadlocked . . . Former Redskins quarterback Randy Johnson has been indicted on a felony forgery charge in San Antonio and is being sought as a fugitive, court officials said. Johnson, 37, spent 11 years in the NFL. In 1981, he was head coach of the 1981 Austin Texans in the American Football Association, a summer pro league.

The indictment, returned by a Bexar County grand jury Feb. 17, charged Johnson with passing a $30.71 forged check drawn on the account of Centex Beverages Inc., an Austin beer distributorship that owns the Texans football team and for which Johnson worked as a campus representative in the offseason.

The check for $30.71 was cashed Nov. 24, 1981, and was made out to Centex employe Mark Gorelle. Gorelle's name was signed on the back, but the indictment charged that Gorelle did not endorse the check.