After all the hemming and hawing by Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe about maybe passing up tennis' Super Bowl--Wimbledon--in 1982, look who is risking the "cheese champion" catcalls by opting out of the All England:

Ivan Lendl!

The official Czechoslovakian news agency CTK in Prague quotes Lendl, world's No. 2: "I trained on grass for six hours every day for a fortnight last year before Wimbledon, and that had a very bad effect on my performance (on his preferred clay and composition courts). This year, I would like to take a break in June and prepare myself, instead, for the second round of the Davis Cup in July. I will not be taking part at Wimbledon" . . .

When is an all-America not an all-America? When the U.S. Basketball Writers Association picks its squad and then announces a slightly different one--removing Quintin Dailey.

As we passed along the USBWA selectees for Tuesday's readers, we wondered if Dailey had it made but for his pending charges of sexual assault there on the U. of San Francisco campus. Now Frank Boggs, writers' president from the Colorado Springs Sun, says, yes, the nine-member committee, meeting in Kansas City Feb. 21, indeed picked the junior guard from Baltimore.

"It is true," Boggs says, "that Dailey was on it (until) after a few hours went by the story came out that he had been arrested on the felony counts. So we met again and discussed what happened. It was our feeling that an all-star team is one thing and an all-America team is another. In athletics, an all-America should exemplify America on and off the court."

Dailey's USF coach, Pete Barry, protests that the USBWA has no right to play "judge and jury" regarding the case, in which preliminary hearing has been set March 22.

Dailey, after skipping a game to "get my thoughts together," made Saturday's Pepperdine contest with freshly shaven head ("I always get a haircut before a big game"), big smile and (if you missed the late Sunday editions) a school-record 42 points--in a 106-100 Don defeat.

And in Norman, Okla., ex-Sooner football stars Greg Roberts (Tampa Bay Bucs) and David Overstreet (Montreal Alouettes), back on campus for a benefit function, wound up being charged yesterday with first-degree rape. An Oklahoma coed alleged that from a Saturday evening party at which she met Roberts and Overstreet, one thing led to another and finally to an ugly episode in their motel room early Sunday . . .

George Foussekis and Gib Romaine, two Jerry Claiborne staffers retained in Maryland's shift to the Bobby Ross football administration, now have promotions, too: Foussekis to assistant head coach, Romaine to defensive coordinator . . . Joe Blair, the Redskins' and sometimes Maryland publicist, has just had a "successful" hernia operation at Arlington Hospital . . . That 700-game basketball winner, Joe Gallagher of St. John's High, earned a Sports Illustrated salute and trophy that WGAY-99.5 will present at his school March 12 . . . Over at WMAL-63, would you believe fifth anniversary broadcast coming up already, March 15, for Ken Beatrice. Yaaawwww next?

Boxing: Larry Holmes, casting about for an April tuneup for June Gerry Cooney, with ABC-TV's help, may bring pudgy ol' Jimmy Young one last decent payday . . . Cooney, in Florida to lay some sun and salt water on his ailing left shoulder, bears down on roadwork and exercise machines, and reports, "It's getting much, much better. We hope to be sparring within a week and a half." Meantime, he visits Yankee training camp, where Dave Winfield sees him and shouts, "Hey, George (Steinbrenner), here's your cleanup hitter!" . . .

A. No. 2 in U.S. Pro Gymnastic Classic tour winnings: Ron Galimore, son of Chicago Bears' late Willie Galimore; $26,625 to leader Kurt Thomas' $30,125 heading into final stops at Philadelphia Monday, Bethlehem, Pa., March 10. Women's leader, Susan Cheesebrough, has $17,600. Incentive, maybe, for amateurs such as PG Gymnastics Club's Jinny Rhee, seventh in regional elite trials qualifying at Allentown, Pa., and now a U.S. national performer. Others from here who attained elite ranking: Lisa McVay, Cheryl Kaneshiro, Marni Rager, all of Marvateens, and Patti Keckhefer, M-G . . . Q. What 70-year-old golfer will chase the title in Jack Nicklaus' 1982 Memorial Tournament?