Los Angeles President Peter O'Malley, in his first public comments regarding Fernando Valenzuela's week-old holdout, said he expects his star pitcher to arrive in spring training camp at Vero Beach, Fla., and to honor his contract.

O'Malley said, too, that if Valenzuela does not report soon, "we may be forced to take some kind of disciplinary action in the future."

Earlier, O'Malley said the club had no plans to fine Valenzuela, the National League's Cy Young Award winner and rookie of the year last season.

O'Malley's comments came after two conference calls yesterday between his Vero Beach office and Valenzuela's agents, Tony DeMarco, who was in Los Angeles, and attorney Dick Moss, who was in Florida, produced what he said was no progress in the negotiations.

Valenzuela earned $42,500 last year, his first full season in the major leagues, and, reportedly, was seeking $1 million for 1982. It is believed the Valenzuela camp has since lowered its request to $800,000. The Dodgers on March 1 renewed Valenzuela's contract, reportedly, for $350,000.

O'Malley said Sunday he still finds Valenzuela's demands "unrealistic" but indicated that once he is in camp negotiations could continue. "We've never had a closed-door policy on anyone," O'Malley said.

Blue Jays: Toronto signed outfielder Lloyd Moseby and pitcher Juan Berenguer to new contracts and were forced to renew the contracts of three other players to complete their 40-man roster for Monday's opening of the 1982 exhibition baseball season. The Jays renewed the contracts of second baseman Damaso Garcia and pitchers Roy Lee Jackson and Luis Leal, who have refused to sign for the 1982 campaign because of salary disputes.