The Washington Capitals have made an offer to the Colorado Rockies for defenseman Rob Ramage, but it appears unlikely that it will be sufficient to bring the disaffected defenseman to Washington.

"We've made a good pitch to them and now it's their choice," said Washington General Manager Roger Crozier. "We're certainly not going to wreck the franchise to get the guy. He can play, but he's not going to be a great hockey player."

Ramage, who has asked to be traded, was the first player taken in the 1979 amateur draft, the year Washington picked Mike Gartner No. 4. Although he never has fulfilled that potential, he is the Rockies' captain and the price is believed to be high, at least a No. 1 choice. Colorado has traded its No. 1 in 1982 to Boston and its No. 1 in 1983 to the New York Islanders.

With Washington still in a position to finish 20th and exercise the No. 2 draft pick, Crozier is not about to give it up for Ramage, since such a finish would give the Capitals the opportunity to select either of two highly touted juniors, forward Brian Bellows of Kitchener or defenseman Gary Nylund of Portland.

The trading deadline is set for noon today.