Team: Houston. Coach: Guy Lewis (26th year, 499-242). Record: 25-7, unranked. Key Players: 6-2 Rob Williams (21.8 points), 6-6 Clyde Drexler (15.1 p, 10.6 rebounds), 6-9 Larry Micheaux (12.2 p, 7.5 r), 7-foot Akeem Olajuwon (8.5 p, 6.2 r), 6-6 Michael Young (11.2 p, 5-5 r), 6-3 Lynden Rose (8.2 p). Strengths: Houston is incredibly fast. Williams is the quickest and flashiest guard in the final four. He probably cannot be guarded man to man. In an open court, he goes to the basket against anyone. With the exception of Virginia's Othell Wilson, Carolina hasn't played against a better penetrating guard, and Williams figures to present the Tar Heels with even more problems. The sophomore forwards, Drexler and Young, have played like seniors the second half of the season. Olajuwon comes off the bench and immediately mixes it up inside. In a reserve role, he can afford to come in and pound on the opposition's best front-court players. The Cougars have enough balance in scoring to offset a poor offensive performance by Williams or any one player. Weaknesses: The Cougars commit too many turnovers in crucial points of the game. Houston has averaged 19 turnovers per game in its four NCAA victories. The bench is not too impressive, past Olajuwon. And the Cougars are shooting only 65 percent from the foul line. The only experienced player is Williams. Outlook: Houston presents problems for North Carolina because it has been a long time since the Tar Heels have gotten into a running, transition game. The Cougars can force that type of game if they get the lead early or keep the game close. Houston can be dreadful when it is committing turnovers and running helter-skelter. But the Cougars are effective when Williams gets room to operate and the forwards get offensive rebounds. Houston is a very unpredictable team, the kind that a disciplined, patterned team like Carolina should defeat.