Team: North Carolina. Coach: Dean Smith (21st year, 466-145). Record: 30-2, ranked No. 1. Key Players: 6-9 James Worthy (15.3 points, 6.5 rebounds), 6-9 Sam Perkins (14.1 p, 7.8 r), 6-5 Michael Jordan (13.3 p, 4.2 r), 6-7 Matt Doherty (9.6 p, 3.1 r), 6-3 Jimmy Black (6.3 assists). Strengths: With Worthy and Perkins on the front line, Carolina has two finesse/enforcers inside who can take turns dominating for long stretches. Carolina is an excellent shooting team--54 percent for the season. Black's 51.9 mark is the lowest among the starters. With Doherty and Black making jump shots from the perimeter as they have been throughout the tournament, it becomes almost impossible for defenses to sag inside on Worthy and Perkins. The players have a strong desire to win the championship, as much for Smith as themselves, because he is 0-6 after reaching the final four. And no team in America runs a better delay offense to protect a lead in the final minutes. Weaknesses: Carolina's reserves are a problem. Reserve guard Jimmy Braddock can step in for Black if necessary, but past that, the Tar Heel reserves don't match up with those of Louisville and Georgetown. Opponents' eyes light up when Jeb Barlow and Chris Brust take off their warm-ups. The Tar Heels have been having trouble with free throws in close games. Outlook: Carolina should easily dispense with Houston. But the lack of depth could hurt if the Tar Heels meet Louisville or Georgetown--two teams with quick, agile athletes who can get themselves in position to be fouled. What will Carolina do if Worthy gets into foul trouble? If Carolina has a lead midway through the second half, opponents tend to panic because they realize Black can signal for the spread at any moment. Most experts pick Carolina to win the championship.