Eric Smith, 6-foot-5 forward, senior: Doesn't receive as much attention as Patrick Ewing or Eric Floyd, but anyone who has seen the Hoyas regularly knows his performance is vital to Georgetown's success. An exceptionally versatile player, Smith can play every position except center. Excellent on defense, he will probably draw the task of guarding Carolina's all-America James Worthy when the Hoyas go man-to-man.

Mike Hancock, 6-7 forward, senior: Adequate base line shooter who may find himself on the bench in favor of the larger Ed Spriggs. Hancock played center on a Georgetown NCAA team four years ago. Must take some of the inside pressure off Ewing by scoring and rebounding. Five or six field goals from six to 10 feet would be enough tonight.

Patrick Ewing, 7-foot center, freshman: As intimidating a big man as there is in college basketball. He doesn't have to score a lot for Georgetown to win, but a couple of dunks by him can get the Hoyas psyched. Can do marvelous things, with or without the ball. Will be matched with James Worthy or Sam Perkins. The Hoyas have to get the ball to Ewing inside on almost every possession, whether or not he shoots.

Eric Floyd, 6-3 guard, senior: Elegant player. Even if his jump shot is off, Floyd can score with an assortment of inside finger rolls and scoop shots. Sometimes it seems as if Floyd doesn't make any mistakes. His ball handling and defense have improved immeasurably over the season. If his shooting is on, there is little a defender can do. Will be tested by guard Jimmy Black.

Fred Brown, 6-5 guard, sophomore: The point guard is often the most erratic starter; often follows a marvelous play with a careless turnover. He is capable of helping out with defensive rebounding. Is he quick enough to guard Michael Jordan?

Anthony Jones, 6-6 forward, freshman: Can play three of the five positions well. Very similar to Carolina's Jordan. Adds offensive strength in a reserve role.

Ed Spriggs, 6-9 center/forward, senior: Invaluable reserve player who started for three years and has helped bring along Ewing. Intelligent player who sees a need and supplies it. Played 20 minutes against Louisville and may see even more time if the starting front line has problems with Worthy and Perkins.

Gene Smith, 6-2 guard, sophomore: Relentless defender. Has shut down some of the nation's best guards (John Bagley, Lester Conner, Dan Callandrillo and Jerry Eaves). May be called on to stop Jordan.

Bill Martin, 6-7 forward, freshman: Good rebounder and inside player. A little tentative on offense, but a good jumper and smart defensively. Will be a good power forward when he fills out, but a little much to expect him to come in and go against Perkins and Worthy inside.