James Worthy, 6-foot-9 forward, junior: Before playing the Tar Heels last week, Villanova Coach Rollie Massimino was asked to describe the all-America forward. "Worthy," said Massimino, "is a man." Worthy is one of the few players Coach Dean Smith has really turned loose. Although Georgetown matches up well with Carolina in four of the five positions, there is one exception: Worthy's position.

Matt Doherty, 6-7 forward, sophomore: Good outside shooter whose success from the perimeter is the key to opening room inside for Worthy. One of the five starters who shoot better than 50 percent. Doherty, however, can be intimidated by big men inside. Good ball hander also, but has trouble on defense against a quick guard/forward like Georgetown's 6-5 Eric Smith or 6-6 Anthony Jones.

Sam Perkins, 6-9 center, sophomore: The all-America center will often be matched against Patrick Ewing. Perkins has played well much of the season, but he had severe problems with Ralph Sampson, who is 7-4. His strengths are a soft hook shot from 6 to 12 feet out and a nice base line jumper. Perkins doesn't really play very aggressively, which might hurt him against the aggressive Ewing.

Michael Jordan, 6-5 guard, freshman: As quick and as smooth as any second guard in the nation. Has a funny-looking, but effective shooting release, as the ball rolls off his flat palm. When he takes his first step left, toward the lane, the defender is left behind. Even when Jordan isn't shooting well, he doesn't hurt the Tar Heels, because he can rebound and play solid defense. Could be matched with Georgetown's Fred Brown.

Jimmy Black, 6-2 guard, senior: Smith calls him "Coach Black." Black runs the offense. He was supposed to be a so-so outside shooter, but has made 51 percent this season. Capable leader of the four-corners delay game. Could be Carolina's best defensive player, and will guard Georgetown's Eric Floyd when the Tar Heels play man-to-man defense.

Chris Brust, 6-9 reserve forward, senior: Many times, the first man off Smith's bench to spell Perkins or Worthy. He'll play three or four minutes in the first half, and that's all unless one of the starters gets into foul trouble. Good for at least one turnover as soon as he comes into the game.

Jimmy Braddock, 6-2 reserve guard, junior: Can run the offense and make jump shots from the outside. A very capable offensive replacement if Jordan or Black is forced to the bench, but could be a defensive liability if forced to guard Floyd, Brown, Gene Smith or Eric Smith for too long.

Buzz Peterson, 6-3 reserve guard, freshman: Probably won't play much except for a brief stint in the first half. Another good outside shooter who is quick and has good passing instincts.