Montgomery Blair and McKinley each won two events at the 13th annual Marc Jenkins Relays last night at Spingarn.

Paced by all-America Norman Edwards, Blair won the 880-yard relay in 1:29.6. Randy Inniss, Tony Bruton, Lance Fletcher and Edwards then went on to capture the sprint medley easily in 3:34.0.

McKinley's all-America quartet, Wanda Eades, Monique Miller, Rene Gordon and Darnetta Green, won the girls mile relay in 4:00.1. The same four were awarded first place in the 440 relay after Coolidge was disqualified for passing the baton out of its zone. The Trainettes' time was 49.1.

In the boys mile relay, H.D. Woodson's Wayne Sescoe, Curtis Garrett, Terry Moore and Matthew Weeks ran a 3:24.6 to edge White Plains of New York (3:25.0) and Anacostia (3:25.1).

Ballou's Vincent Phillips, Charles McGriff, Laton Palmer and Curtis Hardy won the boys 440 relay in 43.0. H.D. Woodson was second in 43.1 and Spingarn third in 43.2. (All distances in yards) BOYS

Invitational medley--Coolidge (Calvin Washington, William Thompson, Kevin McCants, Melvin Jones), 11:09.3.

Shuttle-hurdle relay--Anacostia (John Hugee, Reginald Warfield, Theodore Mangum, Morris Moore), 1:02.8.

440 championship relay--Ballou (Vincent Phillips, Charles McGriff, Laton Palmer, Curtis Hardy), 43.0.

440 invitational relay--Eastern (James Thomas, Kevin Dupree, Reginald Green, Walter Thomas), 44.1.

Distance medley--White Plains, N.Y. (Paul Marcotuilio, James Buchanan, Dave Fabel, Kevin Donnelly), 10:53.5.

880 championship relay--Blair (Randy Inniss, Norman Edwards, Tony Bruton, Gerald Jackson), 1:29.6

880 invitational I relay--Eastern (Ricky Johnson, James Thomas, Walter Thomas, Kevin Dupree), 1:31.8.

880 invitational II relay--Chamberlain (Cedric Curtis, Tony Buckner, Roy Coles, Melvin Richard), 1:39.5

Sprint medley championship--Blair (Inniss, Edwards, Bruton, Lance Fletcher), 3:34.0.

Sprint medley invitational--Coolidge (Washington, Thompson, McCants, Jones), 3:50.9.

Mile relay --H.D. Woodson (Wayne Sescoe, Curtis Garrett, Terry Moore, Matthew Weeks), 3:24.6.

Two-mile relay--White Plains (Fabel, Anthony Phillips, Marcotuilio, Donnelly), 8:21.5. GIRLS

Distance medley--Marshall Walker (Charlene Jones, Tara Drake, Annette Fortson, Stephanie Rouse), 13:09.0.

440 relay--McKinley (Rene Gordon, Wanda Eades, Monique Miller, Darnetta Green), 49.1

880 relay--Coolidge (Christine Harrison, Kelly Jackson, Jeryl Fitch, Tomi Rucker), 1:42.9.

Mile relay--McKinley (Eades, Miller, Gordon, Green), 4:00.1.

Sprint medley--H.D. Woodson, 4:17.6.

Two-mile relay --Marshall Walker (Jones, Drake, Fortson, Rouse), 10:08.0.