Along comes Phil Williams to keep that last name before the American University Eagles' basketball public, now that Gary Williams is off to coach the Boston College Eagles.

Young Williams, 6-foot-7 from St. Anthony's, spells recruiting success for new Coach Ed Tapscott. With only two scholarships to give, AU got both players it wanted, big man Williams and Mackin point guard Darnell Swinton (reported earlier). And has 10 locals on the prospective roster of 15.

Not one to go away empty, though, Coach Williams has picked off Mackin's excellent 6-3 swing man, Dominic Pressley, to play guard for BC . . .

George Washington recruits a good one for women's basketball: Annandale's 5-10 Kelly Ballentine, season's No. 2 area scorer (24.4) . . . GWU's outstanding senior athlete, cited at banquet last night: Joe Corbett, Colonials' all-time wrestler; their first to make it to the NCAAs . . . Colonial basketball MVP: Mike Brey.

The Los Angeles Dodgers: twice burned. They've let go Dave Goltz the way they did fellow right-handed AL refugee Don Stanhouse last April. Looks as if L.A. breaks its own record for biggest contract buyout in baseball history, the $1.36 million to Stanhouse, the before-and-after Oriole. Dodgers are beholden to Goltz through 1985 season, at about $500,000 a year, from the six-year contract he wangled as a free agent ex-Twin only to go 7-11, 2-7, now 0-1 and leaving a forwarding address for his checks.

A. Originated in FF after Marc Splaver, Bullets' late publicist, once noted Phil Chenier as only NBA player with more steals than fouls, 1982 Filch an Ear (i.e., swipe corn without rustling the stalk) Award goes to Gus Williams (172 steals, 163 PF). Only he and Rickey Green (185, 183) had more thefts than personals . . . Q. Mary Russ may ride Johnny Can Hope Saturday. First woman jockey in the Derby?