Anything you can do to promote consistency in your shot is a plus. One of the more important methods involves the position of the ball at address.

The best position of the ball for the average golfer (right-handed) is about two inches inside the left heel. When you begin your stance, the left foot remains stationary; you use the right foot to make the proper adjustment--two to four inches forward of the left foot for a cut shot, two to four behind for a draw shot.

Watch your hands at address (see photo). The positioning of your hands at address has a great deal to do with how you will hit the shot. Make a point to see the hands are ahead of the ball at impact at all times--an inch or two ahead should suffice.

Many golfers never check their alignment with the intended target. Don't line up your left shoulder with the target; it should be open slightly to the left, to allow the hands to guide the ball to the target.

How far away should you be from the ball on address? Your elbows and hands should be able to pass your body without touching it. And regardless of what shot you are taking, the head must be still at all times. When the head moves, the body must follow, and then it will sway, not turn.