Virginia Coach Terry Holland has lost the tall--the well-groomed one at his side on the bench: Craig Littlepage. After six years on staff at Charlottesville, Littlepage has been deemed sufficiently groomed to become head basketball coach at his alma mater, Pennsylvania. Littlepage, 30, was named yesterday at Penn, which remembers him fondly as a top player on its three successive Eastern Regional final teams, 1971-72-73, and picked him over candidate finalists Tom Schneider and Bruce Parkhill.

Schneider, top aide under former Penn Coach Bob Weinhauer, now may follow Weinhauer to Arizona State. Parkhill remains head coach at William and Mary, where his staff includes brother Barry Parkhill, who--small world--starred at Virginia.

U. of District of Columbia basketball receives a tribute to its NCAA Division II championship stature Wednesday: luncheon cosponsored by Touchdown Club and Pigskin Club, at the TD Club. Speaker: Mayor Marion Barry. M.C.: Bulletcaster James Brown . . . Ceremonies shift to Van Ness campus (Fine Arts Auditorium) at 8 p.m. Wednesday for UDC athletic department awards assembly . . . Division I rebounding champ LaSalle Thompson declares for NBA draft, forgoes senior year at Texas . . . Oklahoma 1976-79 defensive back Mike Babb, 23, died on an Oklahoma City operating table yesterday--during surgery to repair a knee injury from OU's recent varsity-alumni game. Cardiac arrest; autopsy results pending.

Big Ten basketball coaches think the answer to stall ball is not a shot clock but . . . the three-point goal. Now if they can agree on whether the extra-point arc should be 19, 20, 21 or 22 feet out, it will be up to the conference athletic directors meeting next week . . .

Judge Henry Bramwell has imposed 10 years in federal prison on the last of five defendants in the Boston College point shaving, Paul Mazzei. Convicted previously of drug dealing, Mazzei cooperated with the government in the basketball case. Pleading for mercy, Mazzei told the judge in New York, "I always wanted to be someone big . . . . this is my last chance to go straight . . . Whatever you give me I deserve. But if you have no compassion for me, have compassion for my family and my frightened children. I want to become a taxpayer and not a tax burden." His sentence: same as former BC player Rick Kuhn's . . .

A little FanFare for: George Washington women's volleyball team, 44-14 and 43-13 the past two years and keyed for at least as good a record in '83 with four of the East Coast's top high school players recruited. GW volleyball coach is Pat Sullivan . . . Another Pat Sullivan, 6-9 member of Arlington's Yorktown High School boys basketball team, signed with Boise State. Big Sky! . . . Gary Potts, 6-5 all-Met at St. John's, joins capital basketball brigade at St. Francis (Pa.). So does Northwood's 6-3 guard Adrian (Spike) Walters, rated Montgomery County's best . . . Pete Speros, former St. John's football all-Met become a fine Penn State offensive tackle, elected a Nittany Lion captain for his upcoming senior season . . . Roe Waldron, of another St. John's football family, up from graduate assistantship at Virginia Tech to coach Jerry Claiborne's Kentucky centers to play the position the way Waldron did (nine game balls) at VPI . . . Good Counsel's all-time rusher (2,600 yards), Deryl Green: a Lafayette recruit.

Ex-Bullet Truck Robinson is angry over lack of playing time as the Suns set in Game 4 against the Lakers, with him scoring four points in 22 minutes; and Phoenix tales after his six points, 18 minutes in Game 2 accusing him of playoff-itis, past and present, rather than the stated food poisoning. Robinson may ask trade--"I'm not going to stay under these conditions . . . I've played in the trenches for seven years now. I don't deserve to sit there like that." Coach John MacLeod: " . . . I liked the way people we had out on the floor were playing."

Baseball is back! Majors' attendance topped 5 million last month, second such April ever. And all that bad weather, yet.

George Allen: He's in town for President's Council on Physical Fitness doings--and so are advance proofs of Allen's book (with L.A. Times' Charles Maher) on executive motivation, entitled: "Merry Christmas--You're Fired."

Q. Indians' Toby Harrah, hot hitter ejected from a game when his bat flew off at the knob as he singled, won't be further punished by AL, since he didn't alter the barrel when he sawed off part of the handle and glued it together. Harrah led AL 1977 in which batting category?