With the Stanley Cup championship settled, hockey's second-biggest question could be answered later today when the National Hockey League's Board of Governors convenes in New York to debate the fate of the Colorado Rockies.

Peter Gilbert, who owns the Denver team, has requested that he be allowed to move the club to the new Meadowlands Arena in East Rutherford, N.J. Gilbert has said there is no way the franchise, which lost about $4 million last season, can operate for another year in Denver.

The league constitution prohibits the transfer of a team from one city to another unless there is a unanimous vote of approval by board members.

NHL President John Ziegler has said that the recent court decision allowing the Oakland Raiders football team to move to Los Angeles will not affect the NHL. He said that was a jury decision involving a different situation and that, "We are bound to uphold our constitution unless and until the U.S. Supreme Court rules otherwise."

Ziegler also said that the Philadelphia Flyers, who have openly objected to a team playing in the Meadowlands, will be represented at today's meeting.

He added that today's agenda concerns only the Colorado situation, but that other matters could be added by unanimous consent.

On the Washington Capitals' situation, he said, "(Owner) Abe (Pollin) had gone public that he wants to sell. We have referred people to him and made suggestions. It's not a Colorado situation. He hasn't dumped it in our lap."

Pollin has been unavailable to comment on the Capitals.