Steve Rogers of the Expos pitched a six-hitter yesterday in Montreal to end the Chicago Cubs' four-game winning streak, 4-0.

Warren Cromartie's second-inning homer was all Rogers (8-3) needed, but he helped himself by driving in a run with a fifth-inning single.

A bench-clearing brawl interrupted the second inning for 10 minutes. Montreal catcher Gary Carter, while running out a routine fly, bumped first baseman Bill Buckner. The two exchanged punches. Finally, umpire Harry Wendelstedt got them to shake hands and let them stay in the game.

The problem started Sunday in Montreal when Buckner smashed Carter's mask. Then yesterday Carter broke Buckner's bat during a first-inning double play. On the play, Buckner hit a pop fly to shortstop Frank Taveras, who dropped the ball but got a force at second. Buckner didn't run and was an easy out at first.

Cubs' Manager Lee Elia said Buckner didn't run because he had stopped to ask Carter why he'd broken his bat.

"It's one thing to break a bat," Carter explained after the game. "You can replace it, but a mask is important to a catcher cause you get used to it."

"You can go down to a hardware store and get a catcher's mask," Elia retorted, "but a bat is something personal to the hitter."

Buckner went to the trainers room and remained silent.

"I thought everyone on the field acted like professionals," Manager Jim Fanning of the Expos said.