Steve Carlton pitched a three-hitter for his 271st lifetime win, helped by Pete Rose's three hits and three runs scored, but the clubhouse talk afterward in St. Louis centered on a disputed home run.

Filling in for vacationing Frank Pulli, rookie umpire Bob Davidson on the left field foul line violently gestured that the ball Gary Matthews hit with Rose on base in the third inning was a home run.

Cardinal left fielder Lonnie Smith said, "He (Davidson) asked me five innings later if I felt the crowd would shoot him because of the call. I said, 'Why? Did you blow it?' He said, 'Yeah.' He said he couldn't change it then."

Davidson later defended his call: "There wasn't any question in my mind at the time (it was fair)."

"From where I was, I thought the ball was foul," said hitter Matthews. "That's why they call it a game of inches." Most thought his two-run blow, for a 3-0 Philadelphia lead, was foul by several feet.

All three hits off Carlton (9-7) came with two out in the third inning: a triple by pitcher Bob Forsch (8-3) and doubles by Smith and Willie McGee. Ivan DeJesus answered in the fourth with his first homer since 1980 and later had a two-run single.