The Atlantic Coast Conference has released a set of rules governing the use of the 30-second shot clock and the three-point field goal, including a requirement that field-goal attempts touch the rim of the basket in order to have the clock restarted. The NBA resets its clock if the ball hits either the rim or the backboard.

Also set out in the rules: an ACC official will have the authority to reset the clock to "cover any special situation he thinks warrants such action;" if a defensive player causes the ball to go out of bounds, the 30-second clock will be stopped and the offensive team shall, on regaining the ball, have the unexpired time or five seconds, whichever is longer, to get off a shot; the clock will be turned off for the final four minutes of the game, including overtime; the clock will continue to run during loose ball situations, even if a defensive player touches it; one or both feet must be behind the line when a three-point shot is taken but the player can come down on the other side of the line after the ball has left his hands . . .

There will be no public sale of tickets for the Georgetown-Virginia basketball game Dec. 11 at Capital Centre, Georgetown's athletic department announced yesterday.

Jim Marchiony, Georgetown's sports information director, said only season ticket holders will receive tickets for the contest, which will be shown on cable television. Georgetown will be allotted 9,000 tickets for the game and expects to sell at least that many season tickets. The other 9,000 tickets will go to Virginia.