Georgetown lost to Isis of Oxford University by 2 1/2 lengths in the quarterfinals of the Ladies Challenge Plate at the Henley Royal Regatta today.

"We simply lost to a better crew," Jay Forster, the Georgetown coach, said. "I told the guys they could hold their heads high. It's no doubt a better crew than any American one we've ever raced."

In other Ladies Plate quarterfinals, Yale University defeated the University of California by one boat length, Harvard beat Pembroke and Corpus Christi College of Cambridge by 1 2/3 lengths, and London University defeated Durham by 2 3/4 lengths.

U.S. hopes of winning back the Grand Challenge Cup, the premiere event at Henley, were dashed when both University of California and Yale lost in the semfinals to British crews.

London and Leander beat California by 1 1/2 lengths, and Yale lost by 1 1/4 lengths to London University and Tyrian.

"I expected London to get the lead on us but I had hoped we might come back better than that," said Yale's coach, Tony Johnson, whose team was picked by many to win. "The people back home think we are world-class but we still make too many errors. But if I may say so, we're a pretty good college crew."