Watching the Washington Bullets next season will cost more or less, thanks to higher ticket prices across the board, and a new $4 ticket to all regular-season games.

The Bullets yesterday announced plans for the low-cost seats, as well as 1982-83 prices. Last year's $11, $9 and $5.50 seats have been raised to $12.50, $10 and $6. The $4 seats will be up top at either end of Capital Centre in what formerly was $5.50 territory.

In addition, $2 discounts on $10, $6 and $4 are available for children under 12. The $4 ticket is the lowest price offered by the Bullets since the 1976-77 season.

Bob Ferry, the Bullets general manager, said of the $4 ticket, "It comes down to trying to allow more people to come to more games." The Bullets averaged 9,020 attendance in 1981-82, for a season total of 369,807.

"In the past, we've tried to make it convenient for families to attend, with group-ticket plans," he said. "But now we've opened it up so more can come, without getting into group rates."

Ferry said that the new arrangement would enable a family of four (two adults and two under-12 children) to see pro basketball for $12. "After many marketing meetings over the season, we felt we wanted to let more fans into the building," he said.

The suggestion to establish low-cost tickets came "from our marketing folks," according to Ferry, and was given the go-ahead by team owner Abe Pollin.

Only two NBA teams offer lower admission than the Bullets. Detroit sells a $3.50 ticket, Seattle, $3. Los Angeles and Golden State have the highest-priced top-scale ticket--$25.

"We play 41 home games," said Ferry. "Hopefully, allowing more people in to see games at a somewhat reduced rate will even out for us." Asked if the new ticket was aimed at fighting inflation, he said, "Yeah, it's inflation, it's a lot of things. Mostly we're just hoping to bring in more people."