Al Davis, who recently struck a deal with the Los Angeles Coliseum Commission, was simultaneously seeking a way to keep his football team in Oakland, according to a newspaper report yesterday.

In a copyright story, the Oakland Tribune-East Bay Today reported that Davis, managing general partner of the Oakland Raiders, had been involved in secret negotiations to keep the team in Oakland instead of moving to Los Angeles. Robert C. Maynard, the newspaper's editor and publisher, acted as intermediary between Davis and the city.

Davis, Maynard said, had appealed to him to help work out the terms. Maynard said, "The impression I got was that while he (Davis) had the possibility of getting a good deal in L.A., it might not be the best thing for himself personally or the organization."

Maynard met with Oakland Coliseum Commission members, attempting to work out particulars, and discussed Davis' plan with NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle. Maynard said Rozelle told him, "You probably won't get a deal but if so, come see me."

Before any agreements could be completed, Davis signed a 10-year contract with Los Angeles, then told Maynard, "I still think we can make a deal in Oakland." Maynard opted out of the negotiations at that point.

Davis did not return phone calls yesterday.