Ed Garvey, executive director of the National Football League Players Association, said the union would file unfair labor practice charges against the NFL Management Council and the Dolphins and Broncos, teams who reportedly have given players drug tests. Garvey, appearing on ABC-TV's SportsBeat, said unfair labor charges would be filed today. The union opposes drug testing of players.

The NFLPA also charged that when Denver quarterback Craig Morton made public a strongly worded letter from union President Gene Upshaw, he was trying to affect the outcome of negotiations on a new contract. Morton had criticized the union's demand that a settlement include 55 percent of the owners' gross revenue. Upshaw wrote to Morton: "One thing about this game. We get to see you on the field next year. We will have a little additional incentive when we do."

Dave Meggyesy, assistant executive director of the NFLPA, said: "That letter had been in Craig Morton's possession since June 11. Suddenly, it's made public two days before a very crucial bargaining session, which is the last bargaining session prior to the expiration of the contract. A sane man has to stop and think and say, 'Why did they wait for that particular time to release it?' " . . .

The Cleveland Browns and Charles White officially acknowledged that White had undergone treatment at an Orange County, Calif., hospital specializing in drug rehabilition.