The Pennsylvania Racing Commission yesterday said thoroughbred trainer Ray Stifano's license will not be reinstated.

Roger Marciano, director of licensing and enforcement, said the commission presented four stipulations to resolve the Stifano situation:

Stifano must pay a $1,000 fine for falsification of his (trainer's) license.

The purse (approximately $180) awarded last April to the owner of a Stifano-trained horse must be returned.

Stifano may then withdraw his application for a license.

Ruling 24-1C (which revoked Stifano's license in June) will then be rescinded.

"This is a negotiated settlement," said Marciano, "which means that both parties agreed to (the terms) resolve it."

Marciano said neither Stifano nor his attorneys was present yesterday when the commission ruled on the matter, but one attorney had met with the commission last week.

Stifano was unavailable for comment.

Stifano's license application had come under scrutiny because of a 1968 crime conviction listed on the form. The Pennsylvania Racing Commission revoked his temporary license because he had "been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude."

Stifano had been given a three-year suspended sentence for receiving stolen goods.

According to Marciano, the suspension would have been honored by other racing jurisdictions, but Stifano appealed the revocation and received a stay from the commonwealth court, which prevented reciprocity in other states.

"All this (settlement) does is tell other racing jurisdictions he is not licensed in Pennsylvania," said Marciano. "At this time, all I can say is that his license application here (in Pennsylvania) is rescinded," he said.

Racing officials in Maryland were unreachable for comment on Stifano's status in that state, which had reciprocated to his license revocation in Pennsylvania by also banning him.

Stifano has had other troubles this year. In Maryland in the spring, he was involved in the mix-up of two thoroughbreds, Dr. Peatoppy and Sun Dandy, whose identities were switched, supposedly through an inadvertant mistake when both were shipped from New York. After Dr. Peatoppy had run as Sun Dandy three times, the switch was discovered by track officials. Although an investigation apparently was finished, the FBI began a probe into the situation in June, issuing subpoeanas to track personnel.