Trainer Ray Stifano, whose temporary Pennsylvania license has been revoked, could conceivably be licensed to work again in Maryland, according to Allan Foreman, assistant attorney general.

Stifano's license was revoked in Pennsylvania last month. Thursday, the Pennsylvania Racing Commission decided it would not be reinstated.

The commission presented three conditions to clear up Stifano's situation so that the matter will not prevent him from applying for licenses elsewhere: he must pay a $1,000 fine for "falsification of his (trainer's) license," return purse money won by one of his horses in a race last April and withdraw his application for a permanent license.

If these conditions are met, the ruling that revoked his temporary license will be rescinded, although the license will not be reinstated.

Roger Marciano, Pennsylvania's director of licensing and enforcement, said Stifano, his lawyers and the commission had agreed on the terms of the settlement.

Neither Stifano nor his attorneys could be reached for comment.

Foreman said that Maryland's racing commission has not acted upon the situation. "At present, if a license is suspended or revoked in one jurisdiction, then that person would be ruled off (racetracks) in every other one," he said. "But in this case, what Maryland does depends upon what happens next. After terms of the settlement are fulfilled, then Pennsylvania will have to issue a ruling.

"Based upon that, it is quite possible he would be permitted to race in Maryland again."

Foreman added, "It's the responsibility of the individual to clear up his own problems in the jursidiction that has ruled him off. We cannot do anything until the matter is taken care of."

Foreman, unfamiliar with the Pennsylvania commission's actions, declined to comment further.