Manager Don Zimmer of the Texas Rangers was officially fired yesterday, moments after his team lost, 3-2, to the Milwaukee Brewers and a day or two after he was unofficially fired. Darrell Johnson, one of Zimmer's coaches, was named interim manager.

Eddie Chiles, the team's owner, held a bitter news conference after the defeat and refused to give a reason for Zimmer's firing, saying it was his business and nobody else's.

Accompanied by two armed guards, Chiles said he had fired Zimmer Monday but had asked him to stay around through the Milwaukee series.

Zimmer, who sat next to Chiles at the news conference, made it clear he was not happy with the decision.

"Don can have any position he would like in our organization," said Chiles.

"How would you like to manage?" Zimmer was asked.

"I'd like to manage Friday night (the Rangers' next game)," said Zimmer.

"Well I think Don would actually like to relax and play golf on Friday," said Chiles. "He has had a hard time the last few days."

"No," Zimmer shot back without a smile. "I'd like to manage Friday night."

Before last night's game Zimmer told reporters: "I'm packed. I'm ready to go. I'm not in any hurry to do anything."

"It has all happened too fast," said Johnson. "But I don't know anything Zim has done wrong."

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