The Redskins reduced their roster to 95 by cutting 14 players today, including Bob Raba, former Maryland tight end, and tackle Mike Daum, who was on the active roster at the end of last season.

These early camp cuts came after Coach Joe Gibbs and his staff reviewed films of Saturday's scrimmage against Baltimore.

Others cut were: kickers Dick Craft of Alfred, Donnie Egbuna of Alabama State and Brian Snow of Northeastern; running back Mike Crayton of Tuskeegee; linebacker Jeff Blanchard of Rutgers; defensive backs Johnny Stoutamire of Livingston, Richard Foley of Southeast Louisiana and Leon Williams of Louisville; tight end Cleveland Jackson of Nevada-Las Vegas; guard John McCollum of Syracuse; center Ken Roark of Kentucky, and defensive tackle Ed Jackson of Maryland-Eastern Shore.

Cleveland Jackson had performed well in the team's May minicamp, but was outdistanced here by Clint Didier, Mike Williams and Duane Dloughy, a 6-foot-4, 224-pound free agent from Boise State who had a fine scrimmage.

Daum had been considered a good bet for backup tackle but became expendable when rookie Don Laster, a 12th-round pick from Tennessee State, started off well in camp. Gibbs also likes the play of Garry Puetz, a veteran tackle signed last week.

The Redskins are down to two place-kickers, Mark Moseley and rookie Dan Miller of Miami (Fla.).

Gibbs said receiver Alvin Garrett probably played best of any Redskin against the Colts, and not only for two late-game catches. "He blocked like the dickens out there," Gibbs said . . . Others who played well, according to the staff, were: backs Clarence Harmon and Nick Giaquinto, quarterbacks Tom Flick and Chris Garrity, defensive tackle Darryl Grant and cornerback Vernon Dean. Gibbs also praised the performance of his linebackers.