The National Football League Players Association and Turner Broadcasting System have reached an agreement to televise games that NFL players say they would organize in the event of a strike against the league.

Cable News Network, a subsidiary of TBS, reported that both sides agreed to the transmission of an unspecified number of games. Neither NFLPA nor TBS officials could be reached for comment.

In the event of a strike, the players would organize their own teams and games for telecast on Sundays and Mondays, CNN officials said. They said formal announcement of the reported agreement was scheduled to be made Tuesday in Washington.

Members of the players union have threatened to strike if team owners do not grant them 55 percent of the total gross revenues. The NFL's regular season is scheduled to begin Sept.12.

A three-judge federal court of appeals will hear oral arguments Tuesday in San Francisco on a request by the National Football League and the Oakland Coliseum for an order that would keep the Raiders football team in Oakland this season.

The league and the Coliseum are asking the appellate panel to set aside a lower court injunction barring them from acting to block the Raiders' move. The NFL and the Coliseum don't want the Raiders to move until there is a final decision on their appeal of a federal jury's decision May 8 that cleared the way for the team to move to the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Ed Heafey, a lawyer for the Oakland Coliseum, said the court of appeals decides such requests without calling for oral arguments 98 percent of the time.

"We're pleased," Heafey said. "This indicates there are issues in the case that the court finds troubling." The appeal of the merits of the jury decision is not scheduled to be heard until sometime next spring.

Eagles: Charlie Johnson, Philadelphia's All-Pro nose guard, has asked to be traded and has left the team's West Chester State College training camp at the request of Coach Dick Vermeil.

"Charlie just says that he can no longer go through the intense preparation of training camp and the season like we do it here," Vermeil said. "I hope all he needs is just a few days away from here. The door is open if he wants to come back."

Vikings: General Manager Mike Lynn says that there is no way Coach Bud Grant and his eight assistants can be paid for coaching Saturday's Hall of Fame exhibition game against the Baltimore Colts in Canton, Ohio. Lynn said the NFL can't pay them unless the rules are changed. Grant and his staff are threatening to boycott the game and several players say they might skip the game as a gesture of sympathy.