If the Redskins ever decide to switch to a 3-4 defense, Dave Butz says he is willing to be the nose guard, a switch from his past reluctance to leave his longtime tackle position.

"I'm paid to play, not paid to stay at only one position," Butz said. "No one has ever asked me if I'd go to nose guard, but I've let the coaches know that it's okay with me."

The Redskins were unhappy that defensive tackle Perry Brooks reported at 277 pounds, 12 above his maximum limit as determined by the club. But Brooks says he's already lost 10 pounds. "We'd like Perry to be in better shape than he was when he came in," Torgy Torgeson, the line coach, said. "He worked hard in the offseason and I anticipate he'll get into shape here, too" . . . The results of the Great Coaches' Weigh-In have been tabulated. Five Redskin coaches had a contest to see who could lose the most weight in a week. The winner was Joe Gibbs (20 pounds). Don Breaux lost 18 1/2, Warren Simmons 17, Charley Taylor 16 and Larry Peccatiello 15.

Another cut: running back Darryl Minor . . . Cornerback Jeris White needed five stitches to repair a cut hand, but he returned to practice this afternoon . . .Defensive end Mat Mendenhall (sore neck) and safety Mike Nelms (sore back) missed workouts . . . Guard Gary Sayre was hospitalized for treatment of an infection and released. "He's worn down," Gibbs said . . . First fight of camp: center Gary Anderson and defensive tackle Bennie Smith.

The Dolphins, whom the Redskins play in Saturday night's exhibition game in Miami, announced that third-year cornerback Don McNeal has fractured a rib during practice and will be out a month. Defensive end Doug Betters, who has a broken ring finger, also may miss the game. Also hurting is running back Tony Nathan, who hasn't practiced this week because of sore ribs . . . Coach Don Shula said David Woodley would start at quarterback Saturday.