A judge in Miami delayed a probation violation hearing for former National Football League lineman Don Reese yesterday because a prosecution witness, San Diego running back Chuck Muncie, must testify against another former player charged with drug trafficking.

Muncie is a witness in the trial of Mike Strachan, a former running back for the New Orleans Saints, who is charged with 12 counts of distribution of cocaine. Strachan has pleaded innocent. His trial will begin in New Orleans federal court Aug. 30.

Dade Circuit Judge Ellen Morphonios Gable granted without comment the prosecution's request for the delay of the Aug. 31 hearing. She rescheduled it for Sept. 21.

The delay ensures Allen Weiner can appear at Reese's hearing. Weiner, Reese's former business adviser, also is expected to be a witness against Reese at the probation hearing.

Reese, 30, a former defensive lineman with three National Football League teams, is charged with three counts of violating probation from a 1977 drug-trafficking conviction. He faces up to 29 years in prison if convicted.

The Miami Herald said sworn statements from Muncie, who was a teammate of Reese's with the Saints and Chargers, and Weiner are the primary basis for the charges of probation violation. Muncie, who is undergoing a "second phase" of a drug treatment program, was unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, federal prosecutors will visit the Saints' training camp in Vero Beach, Fla., this weekend for interviews with players expected to testify at the trial of Strachan, a team official said.