Many times you find yourself facing a short shot over a big trap. The shot can be made; just use a lazy motion, as with a sand shot.

Open the stance quite a bit, bringing the left foot about four inches farther away from the intended line than the right foot. Play the ball off the left heel with the club face open. The backswing goes to the outside of the intended line. Grip down on the shaft.

There is no reason to move your body on short shots. For accuracy, follow the same advice I gave in putting: keep your head and body still. Let your arms and hands do the work. This will save you many shots.

Chipping errors often are caused by loose wrists in the impact area. Topped and scuffed shots are the result of collapsed wrists. To produce a crisp chip shot, restrict the motion of your wrists. This can be accomplished if you will keep your wrists firm throughout the shot. Don't let your wrists give way, even at the finish of the shot. CAPTION: Picture 1, no caption; Picture 2, no captione Washington Post Lee Elder PLAYING GOLF The Short Game

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