Charlie Reynolds, a former boxing referee and longtime driving force behind youth sports in the Washington area, died Saturday afternoon of kidney failure at Georgetown University Hospital. He was 82.

Born in New York City, Mr. Reynolds was reared in Brooklyn. He entered the Navy in 1917 and was discharged in 1928 as a quartermaster signalman 2nd class.

He began his involvement with youth clubs in 1928, when he joined the old Knights of Columbus Boys Club as physical director.

In 1933, Mr. Reynolds became the physical director for the old Central Branch of the Boys Club of Washington, and later he moved to the Eastern Branch, where he was appointed director in 1941, a position he held until his retirement in 1966.

From 1934 to 1966, Mr. Reynolds also served as assistant executive director of the Boys Club of Washington.

After his retirement, Mr. Reynolds continued his work with the Boys Club, serving on a part-time basis at the Jelleff Branch until shortly before his death.

As a referee in professional boxing, Mr. Reynolds officiated championship fights here. He also worked fights featuring Buddy Baer and Sugar Ray Robinson.

Mr. Reynolds is survived by his wife, Leone H. Reynolds, seven brothers and sisters and numerous nephews and nieces.