West Virginia University's men's basketball program has been reprimanded and censured, but no sanctions have been imposed by the NCAA against the school. The NCAA Committee on Infractions charged WVU Coach Gale Catlett with violating recruiting regulations when he participated in a March 1982 press conference in Detroit to announce a prospect's intent to attend the school and when he talked briefly with two prospects at the news conference . . .

Referee Jim Bain said he will not officiate any University of Iowa games this year because the Big Ten Conference fears for his safety.

Bain, who made a controversial call at the end of the Iowa-Purdue game at West Lafayette, Ind., last March 6, also said the uproar following that contest cost him a position as the Big Ten's supervisor of officials.

Bain said he received telephoned and written death threats as a result of the foul he called against Iowa player Kevin Boyle as time expired in the Purdue game. The contest was televised in Iowa and replays showed Boyle was several feet away from the player Bain sent to the free throw line, Dan Palombizio.

Palombizio made a free throw that gave Purdue a 66-65 victory.