Philadelphia 76ers Coach Billy Cunningham summed up the reason Darryl Dawkins was traded to the New Jersey Nets: "At times he'd show flashes of being a great factor, then we wouldn't see it for a while. The word potential is a word I'm very tired of hearing." Said 76ers owner Harold Katz, who got the Nets' first-round draft pick in 1983 and a reported $700,000 for Dawkins, "We've seen him do this for seven years. After seven years we felt this was the best we were going to see out of Darryl."

According to the Sixers, the trade was made possible by the impressive showing recently of top picks Mark McNamara and Mitchell Anderson, signed to contracts, and free agent Marc Iavaroni. The Sixers have six first-round picks between now and 1986. Cleveland's first choice next year, Katz said, he'll absolutely keep. The rest he will use as trade bait to get the rebounder the Sixers need. Katz is especially interested in San Diego's Terry Cummings. The De Paul forward, the second player taken in this spring's draft, has balked at joining the Clippers because he thinks they have not offered enough money.