The celebration in the visiting locker room Saturday night at Durham (N.C.) Athletic Park wasn't what might be expected after a championship victory.

It wasn't that the Alexandria Dukes weren't a loud group after winning the Carolina League championship. It was just the setting that was different.

The locker-room celebration didn't last more than 15 minutes; the players were anxious to leave. This locker room doesn't have wall-to-wall carpeting or even showers, as in the major leagues.

It consists of stalls for hanging clothes, and there isn't much room for anyone else but the players.

The Dukes, 80-54 in the regular season and 4-0 in the playoffs after Saturday's 8-5 victory over Durham, celebrated by drinking some of the two cases of beer in the locker room, but spraying and pouring most of it all over each other.

When Manager John Lipon saw the spraying and pouring of beer, he tried to yell over the noise, but was barely audible even to those standing near him.

Burk Goldthorn, whose seventh-inning grand slam home run was the difference in the third game, stood smiling in a back corner, mobbed by all three media members covering the series.

"This is the greatest feeling I've ever had," said Goldthorn, who hit two homers in the series after hitting only two in the regular season. "My whole career it seems that I get hot whenever we get in the playoffs."

Goldthorn's 400-foot home run put the finishing touches on Alexandria's best season in the team's five-year history.

"It's great to beat these guys because in the regular season they beat us like a drum," Goldthorn said in his Dallas drawl. Durham had won 13 of 20 games in the regular season.

Tom Waddell, who yielded Goldthorn's homer, came into the Dukes' locker room to shake hands with the winners.

When he got to Goldthorn, Waddell smiled and said, "No more fast balls for you -- just knucklers."

Waddell should have made that decision earlier. Goldthorn got the one fast ball he wanted and with it clinched the Dukes' championship.