John McEnroe and several other top players submitted a petition to the Men's International Professional Tennis Council in August, asking for several changes in the rules governing the Grand Prix Circuit.

The requested changes include a reduction in the number of tournaments each player must commit himself to playing, and a reallocation of the prize-money structure, sources said. The players indicated that if the changes were not made, they would not sign their Grand Prix commitment forms, which must be filed by midnight Tuesday.

McEnroe said although he had not made his decision, "If anything, I'm leaning to signing." Lendl said he would decide tonight whether to sign his commitment form. If he does not sign, he will be ineligible to play any of the Grand Slam events.

Sources said that most of the top players are likely to sign. "We don't agree with some of the rules and we made some requests, most of which were turned down," McEnroe said. "It's a tough decision to make. I don't think the players realize that the rules are bad for the players in the long run. I don't want to do something that when you look back would hurt the game as a whole."

McEnroe also said that Harold Solomon, the president of the Association of Tennis Professionals, told him Sunday the organization will look for an executive director to replace Butch Buchholz, whose contract will not be renewed when his term of office ends in July 1983, according to sources.